My client's health and wellbeing are very important to me. Here are what a few have to say...
  1. I decided to return to Pilates after a 2 year break. I was referred to Alicia Gordy and we started our path in February of 2015. She immediately took notice of my strengths and weaknesses and began our work together. With her attention to detail and her concern for my challenges she was able to gently but, effectively push me to the next level. Her approach to teaching is thorough and she takes great pride in seeing her clients succeed. I enjoy being under her direction and have gained so much by being her client. If you have the opportunity to be taught by Alicia you will be blessed, challenged and successful.

    Tonya T.

  2. I am an avid Pilates enthusiast. I have trained all over America by people who have trained under the guru's of Pilates. I have also trained under instructors who have their masters and Phd's in physical therapy and movement. I was not just doing the SAME "basic" movements that you will find with basic instructors. So when I came to Houston, I thought it would be easy to find an experienced Pilates instructor. How wrong was I? It took me 4 years to find Alicia. I've been training with her for over 2 years now and I still have NOT repeated the same exercises. Every week she has new lesson plans for me. She is prepared, she knows what she is doing, she knows how to modify her clients body movements even when they are a millimeter off, she is kind, she is affirming, and she is constantly introducing new exercises. As someone who knows there is over thousands and thousands of exercises that can be done on the floor, the reformer, the chair and the Cadillac - it is refreshing to have someone who knows their stuff and who is prepared for her clients. I cannot speak any higher of an individual - if you are blessed enough to have her as an instructor, you are one lucky person!

    Elaine C.